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Posted on Dec 13th 2016

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Posted on Mar 17th 2016

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Posted on Sep 25th 2015

Celebrities Who Wear Hair 2008-02-27 15:00:29 Does She or Doesn't She Wear For those who want extensions:. Are you looking for a salon in Florida? Find a hair extension stylist near you in our Florida hair salon directory. Whether you want instant bangs, a full-bodied do or a feather ponytail, these five local hair salons offer a good selection of extensions and top-notch stylists to.

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Posted on Aug 31st 2015

Star-studded sweetheart Reese Witherspoon is almost always seen smiling, but when it comes to the future safety of her children, the single mom gets somewhat scared.

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Posted on Jun 20th 2015

Yahoo NewsThe Real Story Behind Where Your Hair Extensions Come FromYahoo NewsOne Cambodian woman told me, 'I'll sell my hair before my body to feed my family. My hair grows back.' "About 45 miles outside the city, I visited a village where women cut hair to be sold as extensions. There were about 80 families with little to no.and more » FortuneMayvenn raises $10 million for its hair extension empireFortuneOnly 5% of hair salons and independent hairstylists catering t

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Posted on May 21st 2015

Fashionista (blog)The Hair Extensions Business Is Finally Getting the Makeover It DeservesFashionista (blog)Salon owners often can't afford to buy and sell hair extensions, which can cost hundreds of dollars per set, so the wearer goes to an independent retailer, buys her own and pays the stylist to weave them in. In turn, the wearer. It averaged more. CTV NewsPorn or pop? Ugandan singer on trial for music videoCTV News"I was aware that there are some sections of society that are conser