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Jan 29th 2016 extensions, styles
Madame NoireStylist Shows What Happens When You Leave A Weave In For Almost A YearMadame NoireBut she's not the first person to have their hair put on blast for allowing mold to grow so much underneath a weave they wouldn't have removed. Remember. You don't need a sew-in or any other "protective style" to protect your ends to retain length. World Patent Marketing Invention Group.

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Oct 9th 2015 extensions, styles, ideas
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Oct 4th 2015 glue, hair, extensions, styles
Want to know how extensions for short can work for you? Then read on for our stylist's guide on how short haired girls can achieve lustrous, long locks, all. We offer a great range of extension glue guns & extension kits. Shop online from us to find all your extension tools today! A lot of you have been asking how I style my extensions so I decided to show you in a video :) I usually wear in extensions because I like them better. So I never see anything on the internet on how to care for glue.

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